Pharmacotherapeutics Question Paper 2023 of BTEUP

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यह Question Paper “Pharmacotherapeutics” D.Pharma 2nd Year (BTEUP) 2023 मे आया हुआ था| इस आर्टिकल मे Question Paper को same ही लिखा गया हैं जैसा Question Paper मे आया हुआ था| यदि आपको फिर भी कोई dout हो तो आप हमे comment या mail कर सकते हैं|

  1. Attempt all parts.
  2. Students are advised to specially check the Numberical Data of Question paper in both versions. If there is any difference in Hindi Translation of any question. The students should answer the question according to the English version.
  3. Use of Paper and Mobile Phone by the students is not allowed.

Table of Contents


Answer any six questions. Each question carries equal marks. [6×5=30]

  1. Define Pharmacotherapeutics. Give the Scope and Objectives of Pharmacotherapeutics.
  2. What is hypertension? Give etiology, clinical manifestations and pharmacological management of hypertension.
  3. Define diabetes mellitus. Give the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations and pharmacological management of diabetes mellitus.
  4. Define peptic ulcer. Give the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations and pharmacological management of peptic ulcer.
  5. What is Malaria? Give the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations and pharmacological management of Malaria.
  6. Define dermatology. Give the etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations and pharmacological management of psoriasis.
  7. What is antimicrobial resistance? What are the prevention and control measures of antimicrobial resistance.

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Answer any ten questions. Each question carries equal marks. [10×3=30]

  1. What do you mean by evidence based medicines? Give importance of evidence based medicine.
  2. Define hyperlipidaemia? Give its types. Mention clinical manifestation of hyperlipidaemia.
  3. Write a note on etiopathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  4. What is hyperthyrodism? Write a note on etiopathogenesis of hyperthyrodism.
  5. Explain four stages along with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. What is GERD? Give etiopathogenesis of GERD.
  7. Write about clinical manifestations of megaloblastic anaemia.
  8. What is Covid-19? Enlist various approved vaccines for covid-19 in India.
  9. Write note on Pharmacological treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  10. Define Psychosis. State Clinical Manifestation of Psychosis.
  11. Write short note an dysmenorrhoea.


Answer all questions. Each question carries equal marks. [20×1=20]

  1. The angina which is provoked by physical exertion or emotional stress is ___________.
    • a) Stable angina
    • b) Unstable angina
    • c) Variant angina
    • d) Microvascular angina
  2. Cardiovascular disease is a general term used for condition effecting the ____________.
    • a) Heart
    • b) Blood vessels
    • c) Heart and blood vessels
    • d) none
  3. A mast cell stabilizer used in asthma is ____________.
    • a) Terbutaline
    • b) Sodium chromoglycate
    • c) Montelukast
    • d) Prednisolone
  4. Weight loss. rapid heart rate and heart sensitivity are likely symptoms of ___________.
    • Hyperthyroidism/ Hypothyroidism.
  5. Tremors, rigidity and bradykinesia are the symptoms of _____________.
    • a) Parkinson’s disease
    • b) Alzheimer disease
    • c) Stroke
    • d) Migrane
  6. Warfarin sodium belongs to the class of __________.
    • a) ACEI
    • b) Statins
    • c) Anticoagulants
    • d) B-blockers
  7. The adult does of omeprazole in Helicobacter pylori indication therapy is _____ twice daily.
    • 10mg/20mg.
  8. Hiatal hernia is a risk factor associated with:
    • a) peptic ulcer
    • b) GERD
    • c) Asthma
    • d) Angina Pectoris
  9. Life span of RBC is _________.
    • a) 60 days
    • b) 100 days
    • c) 120 days
    • d) 150 days
  10. Syphilis is caused by _____________.
    • a) HBV Virus
    • b) Treponema pallidum
    • c) HIV
    • d) Plasmodium Vivax
  11. Pyelonephritis is the inflammation of ____________.
    • Kindey/Liver
  12. Osteoarthritis is also known as ___________.
    • a) Degenerate joint disease
    • b) Degenerate arthritis
    • c) Both
    • d) None
  13. Fungal pneumonia is a ____________.
    • Contagious/ non contagious
  14. The skin cells pile up on the surface of the skin before they are mature, the condition is called _________.
    • a) Psoriasis
    • b) Eczema
    • c) Scabies
    • d) None
  15. First line treatment for Scabies is __________.
    • Permethrin/Cetrizine
  16. Loss of interest in all things is a symptom of ____________.
    • Depression/Anxiety
  17. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors is _________.
    • Sertraline/imipramine
  18. The disease associated with destruction of the optic nerve is __________.
    • Glaucoma/Conjuctivitis
  19. The condition of absence of monthly menstrual periods is known as _________.
    • Amenorrhoea/Dysmenorrhoea
  20. TB is also known as _________.
    • a) Hansen’s disease
    • b) Koch’s disease
    • c) Parkinson disease
    • d) Schizophrenia

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