Pharmacology Question Paper 2024 (Special Back Paper)

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  1. Attempt all parts.
  2. Students are advised to specially check the Numerical Data of Question paper in both versions. If there is any difference in Hindi Translation of any question, the students should answer according to the English version.
  3. Use of Paper and Mobile Phone by the students is not allowed.

Table of Contents


Answer any six questions. Each questions carries equal marks. [6×5=30]

  1. What do you mean by drug absorption? Give factors affecting the same.
  2. Define and Classify local anesthetics and enlist the therapeutic uses of local anesthetics.
  3. How are opioid analgesics classified? Give a brief note in Morphine.
  4. Classify anti-fungal agents and classified and give pharmacology of nitrates.
  5. What are diuretics? classify them an give uses of diuretics.
  6. Give in details about pharmacology of anticancer drugs.
  7. Classify anti-coagulant drugs. Give indication and contraindicaation of anti-coagulants.


Answer any ten questions. Each questions carries equal marks. [10×3=30]

  1. Write a short note on Sedatives and Hypnotics.
  2. What is myasthenia gravis and give drugs used in its treatment.
  3. Define hematinics and classify them giving examples.
  4. Write a short note on Bronchodilators.
  5. Give a brief account for Anti-emetics.
  6. Write down physiological and pathological role of thyroid hormones.
  7. What is Histamine? Give the classification of H1 Receptor antagonist.
  8. Write a short note on Anti-tubercular drugs.
  9. Define Biologicals and give their types.
  10. Write a short note on anti-anxiety drugs.
  11. Define Distribution and give factors affecting drug distribution.

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Answer all questions. Each questions carries equal marks. [20×1=20]

  1. The study of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion of drug is known as _______________.
  2. Nitroglycerine administration is an example of ___________ route of administration.
  3. Neostigmine belongs to category of Anti-cholinesterase – True/False
  4. Define Miotics.
  5. Class of a drugs that cause cheese reaction is _____________.
    • a) MOA Inhibitor
    • b) Benzodiazepines
    • c) Beta Blockers
    • d) Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
  6. Which drug produces dissociative anaesthesia?
  7. Spirolactone is a potassium ___________ diuretic.
  8. Give the full form of ACE.
  9. Give an example of clacium channel blocker.
  10. Which of the following drug is contra indicated in Asthma?
    • a) Prazosin
    • b) Propranolol
    • c) Amlodipine
    • d) Chlorthalidone
  11. Formation of black stool is an adverse reaction of _________ supplementation.
  12. Enlist two uses of anti-platelet drugs.
  13. Give examples of Mucolytic agents.
  14. Which of the following is H2 Antihistamine?
    • Omeprazole
    • Misoprostol
    • Cimetidine
    • Sucralfate
  15. Give example of PPI (Proton pump inhibitor).
  16. What is type-I Diabetes.
  17. What is triple response?
  18. Give an example of COX-2 inhibitors.
  19. Name any drug used in malaria.
  20. Give an example of anti-fungal drugs.

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