Human Anatomy And Physiology Question Paper 2022

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  1. Attempt all questions.
  2. Students are advised to specially check the Numerical Data of question paper in both versions. If there is any difference in Hindi Translation of any question, the students should answer the question according to the English version.
  3. Use of Pager and Mobile Phone by the students is not allowed.

Table of Contents


Answer any six questions. Each question carries equal marks. [6×5=30]

  1. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of cell. Describe the structure and functions of mitochondria.
  2. Describe the composition and functions of blood.
  3. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of L.S. of heart. Describe the structure and functions of heart.
  4. What are endocrine glands? Describe the various secretions of pituitary gland.
  5. Draw a neat and labelled diagram of urinary system. Discuss the physiology of urine formation
  6. Discuss the structure and functions of liver. How the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats takes place in our body?
  7. Describe the physiology of muscle contraction. What is Rh factor?


Answer any ten questions. Each question carries equal marks.          [10 x 3 = 30]

  1. Discuss the scope of Anatomy and physiology.
  2. Describe the disorders of joints.
  3. Describe the mechanism of blood coagulation.
  4. Write a note on spleen.
  5. Describe the mechanism of respiration.
  6. Write about blood groups.
  7. Discuss on reflex actions.
  8. Write in short about any three of the following:
    • Glaucoma
    • Hemopoiesis
    • Micturition
    • Menopause
    • Hypertension
  9. Write the fullform of any three of the following
    • RBC
    • ANS
    • TSH
    • GIT
  10. Discuss the physiology of menstruation.
  11. Write about ball and socket joint with example?


Multiple choice questions/Fill-in the blanks. Answer all questions. Each question carries equal marks. [20×1=20]

  1. Human skeleton is made of a total of:
    • a) 201
    • b) 206
    • c) 226
    • d) 198
  2. Which one of the following blood groups is considered a universal donor?
    • a) A
    • b) B
    • c) AB
    • d) O
  3. In human body the blood Circulation was discovered by:
    • a) Karl Landsteiner
    • b) William Harvey
    • c) Gasparo Aselli
    • d) Charles Darwin
  4. In an ECG graph; the period of relaxation in heart heat is denoted by:
    • a) P
    • b) Q
    • c) S
    • d) T
  5. Henle’s loop is:
    • a) L-shaped
    • b) S-shaped
    • c) U-shaped
    • d) V-shaped
  6. The largest part of human brain is:
    • a) Cerebrum
    • b) Cerebellum
    • c) Diencephalon
    • d) Medulla oblongata
  7. From outside to inside the arrangement of bones of middle ear is:
    • a) Incus → Malleus → Stapes
    • b) Stapes → Malleus → Incus
    • c) Incus → Stapes → Malleus
    • d) Malleus → Incus → Stapes
  8. Islets of langerhans produce.
    • a) Bile
    • b) Amylase
    • c) Trypsin
    • d) Insulin
  9. Menstrual cycle is of:
    • a) 26 days
    • b) 28 days
    • c) 30 days
    • d) 29 days
  10. A tendon joins:
    • a) Muscle with bone
    • b) Muscle with muscle
    • c) Muscle with ligament
    • d) Bone with bone
  11. Power house of the cells are ___________________.
  12. A muscle is called fatigued when there is accumulation of _______________ in it.
  13. The regulation of heart heat and blood pressure are under control of ___________.
  14. Generally a sudden fatal heart attack may take place due to complete blockade of ____________ artery.
  15. The pulse of a person can be felt by placing a finger on ____________ artery in the wrist.
  16. Gustatory cells are found is the _________________.
  17. Bile is stored in the _____________ of body.
  18. The loss of transparency of the lens causes a defect in teh eyes is called ____________.
  19. Estrogen and progesterone are secreted by ______________.
  20. Exchange of gases in the lungs is called, ____________ respiration.

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